2012: A Retrospective

2012 was a great year for me, and brought with it a lot of great new experiences.

It began in Summer, when I finished my first year at the University of Glamorgan with 73% average, putting me in a good place to pursue my studies further in second year.  I have already received encouraging results from my second year assessments, and I am looking forward to the challenges this term will bring with it.


Pleasance Beyond 2012

During July and August, I had the pleasure of working with The Pleasance at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.  During this time, I helped build the venues, and I was venue crew in the 336 capacity venue, Beyond.  I had a huge amount of fun working with the companies and my colleagues who were also working in the venue.  This was my first experience of the Edinburgh Fringe, and I had an amazing time.  I hope to return in the summer of 2013, and I look forward to another month of fun on the fringe.


Me and my colleagues at the ROBE showroom

In September, I worked with ROBE on their PLASA stand as a sales intern.  I was placed on the stand along with 3 of my colleagues, and we worked with the sales teams to demonstrate ROBE’s award winning products.  I also had the opportunity to attend ROBE’s exclusive party at the Café de Paris in Central London, where I had the chance to  meet many industry professionals.  This was a great opportunity to expand my professional network, and meet some top industry professionals.  I had the opportunity to expand this network at LDI, as well as renew these contacts while in Las Vegas.  This was a fantastic opportunity, ROBE made me feel welcome into their group, and I hope to see more of ROBE in my future career.


Fred Foster and the ETC Sponsored Students at LDI 2012

In October, I had the honour of being ETC’s international sponsored student at LDI.  This gave me a once in a lifetime opportunity to attend LDI.  I went to a wide variety of seminars, including Rob Halliday’s “art of programming” seminars, which gave me a new perspective on how I program a show, as well as the opportunity to experiment with top of the range lighting desks under the supervision of their product managers.  I also attended a series of seminars with Clifton Taylor on repertory dance plots.  As part of my sponsorship, I had the opportunity to meet with industry professionals such as Mitch Hefner, Matthew Griffiths  and Ken Billington, to name but a few.  I was also paired with my mentor, Disney Imagineer Tracy Eck.  This was a once in a lifetime opportunity which I am immensely thankful to ETC for.


This year has been an amazing one for me, possibly the best yet.  I have high hopes for 2013, and with a few events already planned for later in the year, I hope to have plenty more to post on this site.  I wish you all the very best for 2013.